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Delivery options and charges


  • Delivery will be between 12 - 5pm
  • Unfortunately, you CANNOT choose a specific delivery time
  • Kindly ensure that someone is present to receive your order
  • Delivery charge is based on your postal district:

$10 : Districts 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, 21
$15 : All other districts 


  • You CAN choose a preferred delivery time (30-minute window), subject to driver and operational availability.

Delivery policies

Will you call or text me before delivery?

No, we will not call or text you before delivery. This helps keep our drivers safe and deliveries on time.

Do ensure that someone will be present to receive the delivery.

Can I request for my delivery to be left at the door?

Yes, you can request for us to do so. However, Patisserie Woo will not liable for any food safety issues and/or degradation in quality arising from instructions to leave the delivery at the door.

As our desserts are perishable, please refrigerate them within fifteen minutes of delivery.

Can I arrange for re-delivery if I will not be home to receive it?

Re-delivery will incur a surcharge of $25 on top of the existing delivery charge.

Do contact us if you need to do so.


Do your desserts contain allergens?

Our kitchen handles gluten, nuts, soya, dairy, eggs and animal by-products. Please contact us if there is a particular allergen that you need information about.

Are your desserts halal?

We are not a halal-certified business. Some of our products contain alcohol.

However, all our products do not contain pork gelatine.

How should I store my desserts?

Our desserts contain dairy, fruit and edible flowers. They should always be kept refrigerated, unless otherwise stated.

How long can I store my desserts for?

For the best experience, consume our desserts on the day of purchase.

Otherwise, our desserts may be kept refrigerated for up to three days.


Can I cancel my order?

For cancellations with at least two days’ notice, we will issue an online store credit.

For cancellations less than two days’ notice, we regret that no online store credits will be issued as ingredient and labour costs have already been committed.

How much lead time do I need to place my orders?

We need three days lead time for orders. 

Our kitchen is closed on Mondays.

I would like to make a bulk/corporate order, how can I do it?

We would love to hear about and attend to your needs.

Please email us at patissierwoo@gmail.com to find out more about what we can customise for you.